Slim is the front man and "leader" of the band. He plays banjo and sings lead on most of the songs. Getting the boys together and puttin 'em on the road was his idea to help the sell of their special "corn ade". He tries to keep the show on the right track but some things just can't be helped.
Slim was raised to say "please" and "thank you" and always be nice to strangers...unless they is revanewers. He was a good youngun, but like most, he was took to the woodshed on a number of occasions to teach him right from wrong. He's a nice feller.
Skeeter....just ain't right. There's always "one" in the family. Here he is! Skeeter plays the upright bass...otherwise known as the "Doghouse Bass". He also sings lead on several songs and has been accused of being a movie star in "Oh, Brother Where Art Thou"...though we all know that ain't him. (he don't look nothing like George Clooney). He's also been known to play a mandolin too
Watch out there ladies...ole Skeeter is a silver tongued devil....especially the devil part. He's been chasing girls for years....don't know what he'll do if he ever catches one. But he shore is a good feller and always there to help...especially if there is "corn-ade" involved.
Jayburd....Jayburd is Skeeter's twin brother. He picks a mean geetar and is a really good singer. He prides himself in Knock-Knock jokes and is a master of puns.
He's always ready to take a picture and is ready with a high 5 for all the children!
He's been known to sing a romantical song like "Dead Skunk In The Middle Of the Road" and "Highway Patrol".
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A Country/Bluegrass Comedy Act