A Country Comedy Show Band

They started playing in 2004 with the idea of corporate events in mind. They quickly went on to play at fairs, festivals, corporate meetings and special events across the country. Soon, they would have a fan base from Las Vegas to Miami!

Join Slim, Skeeter and Jayburd , as they get you to clappin your hands and stompin your feet to some good 'ole time' country and bluegrass music. Slim tries his best to keep his cousins in line...but you never know what these crazy kinfolks is up to.

All of 'em sing and leave the audience is stitches with their simple minded, backwoods comedy. There's lot of sing a longs with this family. They get everybody involved.. It's just a good ole country time!

This family would have been a perfect fit in Cornfield County during the many years run of the TV show HEE HAW! And...they is perfect for your special events, fairs and festivals.

They've been called "a few bricks shy of a load" but you can judge for yourself. They work as a Strollin' Act or they have a complete stage show they can do for up to two hours. Sometimes folks just want 30 minutes at a time, and they can do that too.

This band is a guaranteed crowd please. Please call for a promo pack including video, photos and recommendations from current and former clients. What a hoot!


On the "real" side, all of the performers in The Sweeney Brothers Band are professional entertainers with backgrounds like Universal Studios, Disney and Sea World. Together and seperately, they've played all over the country and the world including The Bahamas and St. Thomas.

The Sweeney Brothers Band was created in 2004 with a foundation of having good clean fun while providing quality music and classic comedy.

When you book This Band, you can rest assured you will get Fantastic Feedback from your guests. You'll want to see them over and over again.
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A Country/Bluegrass Comedy Act